Registered Charity in England and Wales

Charity Registration No: 1145159


Aiming to give back to the community

via projects in both the UK and in developing countries.


Dedicated to substantially improving lives of poorest of the poor

through the delivery of developmental assistance and working towards creating a more peaceful world.


About the foundation

The Harunani & Co Charitable Foundation aims to address poverty through interventions that are substantially life changing and will touch as many people as possible. We support a broad range of projects which includes:

We deal with Charity organisations primarily in East Africa, India, Pakistan and other 3rd world countries. These organisations have specific beneficiaries who apply the necessary aid which we work in collaboration as an association to fulfil their requirements. Such examples of these organisations are as follows: Nasserpuria memon communities in various countries, IQRA organisation in Mombasa Kenya, World Memon Organisation in Pakistan, Welfare Memon Organisation in Bombay India, Hyderabad Cleft Society in India and other organisations relating to our objects. We will continue to identity such organisations with the bona fide beneficiaries and work in collaboration.

The aid may be for the following: Natural disasters of any sort is an automatic decision for us to assist, medical care and attention to the people or communities that are sick, Education to the individuals or communities who cannot afford any type of fees, giving housing to the homeless, Helping the orphans and Widows who are in need of aid.

The organisations that have already been mentioned have dedicated welfare communities that identity these people in need.

We aim to provide University funds for certain individuals who are suffering in finance due to their family background and who are from 3rd world countries. We also aim to provide technological training for projects which will be funded by the charity, for example, any medical units which are installed in 3rd world countries. Furthermore, we support Islamic knowledge and teaching to certain individuals and will also provide Islamic literature to communities in 3rd world countries.

Our visions include setting up mini dental hospitals in rural and poverty stricken areas in 3rd world countries.

Our Objectives:

To assist and promote the religious, technical and professional, general and further education of different individuals, families and communities including education concerning the cultural and religious identity, customs and language.

To provide recreational facilities and activities in the interests of social welfare within the object of improving conditions of life for those individuals, families and communities in need of such facilities. And such other Charitable objects as the Trustees may from time to time think fit for the benefit of the individuals, families and communities involved.

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